Successful people share 11 Little Everyday Changes To Make Your 2017 Even Better


Pankaj Kumar

- January 2, 2017

2016 is gone and so are the bad memories or stuff. But as you are already in 2017, you need to promise yourself somethings. I bet, many of you must be having your new year resolution list prepared. But I am even more sure that you didn’t think about these things to add to your new year resolutions list.Rather than having those long resolutions list, you should try out add some really important things to make your life better.

Small changes that’ll make a big difference.

1. Take 15 minutes every night to make your mornings easier.

Take 15 minutes every night to make your mornings easier.

“Prep coffee. Pack your lunch. Select your clothes. You’ve heard it all before but you’ve heard it all before for a reason. It works!” – Ashe Harris, Facebook سعر الذهب في الامارات كم توقع تداول اسهم اسمنت source url ثنائي خيار تقييم go to site اسعار سوق الاسهم السعودية الخيارات الثنائية مراجعة Nadex source url source site وسيلة حقيقية لكسب المال على الانترنت 2. Find a “third space” that makes you happy.

Find a “third space” that makes you happy.

“We need more than just work and home. It’s pleasant to have extra places (coffee shop, gym, nice park, library) when you leave work but don’t necessarily want to hang at home. Plus, if you make yourself a regular at certain places, you’ll usually bump into the similar people. It’s a great feeling to have a friendly face recognise you.” – Annalyse Cordon, Facebook

3. Keep a list of things that make you happy.

“I keep a list of little things like remarks, good experiences, and conversations that have made me happy in the notes on my phone. Whenever I’m feeling kind of sad or just cranky, I look through the list. It always makes me smile and recall why I have so much to be grateful for.”-lilyc

4. Love yourself.

Love yourself.

“I take a dry erase marker and write something I like about myself on my bedroom mirror which I look at consistently. I erase and start over on Mondays.”-francisc

5. Celebrate your wins.

Celebrate you achievments

“Try to remember achievements because being discouraged makes you feel like you can’t do anything.” – Nali Mikely, Facebook

6. Allocate yourself guilt-free days off to just do nothing.

Allocate yourself guilt-free days off to just do nothing.

“I have found that if I am fearing something, I am either too tired to do it or I’m unprepared. So taking time to rest or finish is more effective than ‘powering through’. I wind up feeling better and being more effective at the same time, so win-win.” – Wynne Hurly Reed, Facebook

7. Spend time in the mornings setting yourself up for the day. Spend time in the mornings setting yourself up for the day.

“I really got into cosmetics this year and started switching up my regular routine. The personal time in the morning is really special. I sit in my bed facing the window, listen to a podcast, and spend some calm energy with myself.” – Taylor Stuck, Facebook

8. Make a vision board.

Make a vision board.

“It sounds kinda naff, but fill it with images that inspire you. Wonderful things, places you’re planning to travel to, things like that.” – Dean Nye

9. Face your fears.

face your fear

“I started confronting my fears this years because I was forced into a situation where I had to be really assertive and confrontational. And it wasn’t so terrible. So I decided to face them all: I started doing boxing, going to the shooting range, saying no, public speaking. I’m excited for this year!” – claudiaa4f243b4b9

10. Exercise in the morning.

Exercise in the morning.

“I used to go to the gym in the evenings after work, and it was so easy to cancel because I was tired. Now I wake up an hour earlier and get it done before starting my day, and I don’t have to think about it. I’ve never regretted getting up early to work out. Even if I just take time to go for a short walk, it really improves the rest of my day.”-Jemima Skelley

11. Craft yourself a to-do list.

Craft yourself a to-do list.

“For recurring tasks that have to be done daily/weekly/monthly, I design a cute checklist on Canva that matches my office decor and laminate it so that I can check items off with a dry erase marker rather than having an ugly whiteboard up!”- katieh




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