16 Shockingly Beautiful Birth Pictures From 2016

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Pankaj Kumar

- December 22, 2016

The moment a parent meets his or her new baby can only be described as full of emotions. “There is no moment more special in life than the moment you see your baby for the first time. No matter how your delivery went.”

“There are so many emotions in this moment: joy, relief, amazement, pride, love, euphoria, contentment, and so many different reactions: smiles and tears. Keep scrolling and see stunning “First Moments” photos.

1.This dad who took cutting the cord into his own hands, er, mouth.

2.This refreshingly real capture.

3.This mom who gave birth outdoors as the sun rose behind her.

4.This tireless mom who continued to parent her boys even as she labored to have another.

5.The sweet moment when this mom got a kiss of encouragement from her oldest.

6.This father who was overcome with emotion as he welcomed his son into the world.

7.And this mom whose heart grew a million sizes all at once.

8.The beautiful moment when this mother — at long last and after much struggle — held her healthy baby born via surrogate.

9.And the equally beautiful moment when this surrogate brought the love of a child to this family.

10.This toddler who helped with his new sibling’s weigh-in.

11.This mom who was busy birthing the placenta as dad held the baby.

12.This touching shot of a mother holding her daughter as she labored to become a mother herself.

13.This dad who was filled with emotion upon holding his baby girl for the first time.

14.The tranquil moment caught seconds after this little one entered the world.

15.This unforgettable entry into the world.

16.And the pure emotion of becoming three.


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