20 Hilarious People And Animals Who Are Born To Break The Rules



- August 25, 2016

A few human beings just have zero respect for rules. Put up an easy signal that says “no smoking” or “no parking” and you’d probable see a few violators who might deliberately disobey that.

Perhaps there may be a thrill in breaking rules?

Whatever humans’s motives can be, you gotta give it to them for having the guts to move in opposition to the flow. In a few instances, the result can be really hilarious. Just like in the images you’ll see below.

Those people – and animals – are overall first-world anarchists and that they’re pretty hilarious at it.

Go check out the images below and see what we mean:

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Hilarious People And Animals Who Are Born To Break The Rules

No, it’s not!

#2. This guy just broke all the rules all at the same time.


He deserves a slow clap.

#3. “Dr. Hedgehog”


Well at least the culprit didn’t write on the doorsign this time.

#4. Now they’ve found the missing stapler.


It already misses the 4th floor.

#5. A rebel in every sense of the word.


This kid is definitely going places.

#6. Spot on!


Probably Photoshopped. Still hilarious tho!

#7. America Mix Skittles? Well, hell no


#8. No Dogs Allowed.


“Do I look like I care about your rules?”

#9. I’ll eat my damn chocolate any damn time I want.


Can’t even wait for a minute.

#10. You’re very much welcome.


At least the driver made it pass the sign.

#11. In your dreams!


That moment when you realize you’re fighting a losing battle.

#12. The box already said do not flip.


You have been warned.

#13. Well it doesn’t look like it.


Wrong seat, dude.

#14. Now that’s dedication.


Can’t help but wonder what that diver is doing there.

#15. Please Do Not Waste Toner.


This guy is probably not getting paid enough.

#16. Don’t even try stopping me.


The best one so far. LOL!

#17. We Adopted Barry And This Was What He Did On His First Walk


That dog is a keeper!

#18. No climbing.


Goat a problem with that?

#19. Do not step.


That’s really impressive by the way.

#20. Don’t tell me how to live my life.


Does that sign mean “no sit-ups” or something?


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