Video!! 2600hp Outerlimits Powerboat! LOUD Startup Rev 575ci Mercury Blower Motors!

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- July 27, 2016

2600hp Outerlimits Powerboat

At the off chance that the factor of conversation is powerboats, you have got our full and complete focus, especially while you’re discussing a watercraft like this one. The difficulty, for this example, is an Outer limits creature bragging more than one supercharged motors wrenching out 1300hp a piece, as in step with the video up loader, and this is just on pump gas. On the point when race fuel gets tossed in with the overall mish-mash, the pressure yield is knock to 1650hp every. Watch and listen as the mind blowing machine is started out up and we get the threat to pay attention the sound of the twin 575ci Mercury Racing engines shouting their ensemble. Have a look at the video underneath which can very well have you made a beeline for the water. We are sure that this video does no fairness for the sound of these supported, high strain big pieces, but it definitely is a first rate begins!


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