3 Idiots Sequel Coming Soon !

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اكتتاب اسهم بنك الاهلي 3 Idiots was a awesome movie in 2009! Recently Sharman Joshi confirmed that there would have been a sequel to 3 Idiots soon with Aamir Khan, R Madhavan and himself in lead. Many people are eager to know what happened next in this movie with Rancho, Farhan, Raju, Chatur and Pia. So here comes some energizing scoop for you.

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In advance hirani had revealed that the sequel will make the effort as he’s currently busy with sanjay dutt biopic and’ munnabhai 3 ‘. He’d said, “to start with, i’d plans to to produce pk 2, however we haven’t any subject for the film now. Thus far as 3 idiots’sequel is concerneis, abhijat (joshi) and i have a germ (concept), but we’re yet to produce it. The film can take some time”

سعر ذهب صنع في البحرين في سوق السعودبه This Affirmation by Hirani and Sharman is making us very eager. You too should be excited after paying attention to this, isn’t it?

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