Video!! 47-feet long blue whale rescued in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra



- September 12, 2016


47-feet long blue whale rescued in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

In considered one of largest mammal rescue operations in the country, a forty seven- feet- lengthy blue whale was rescued from the ocean shore and placed again into deep waters, after it beached itself at the shore near to Jaitapur nuclear power plant in Maharashtra’s Ratnagari district on Sunday, says a report in Hindustan times.

Reportedly, the whale was lying on the shoretline for over two days before being noticed via nearby fishermen who then alerted the forest officials. The eight hour long rescue operation involving 50 employees, that included four forest officials, local NGOs and fishermen of the area, was carried our the use of ropes at some stage in high tide.

After being rescued whale sped returned into the sea. In a statement to HT, Mihir Sule, member of Konkan Cetacean research team, stated that massive whales cannot support their body weight on land as their bodies may additionally crumble beneath their own weight.




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