70-Year-Old Woman Had Fixed Deposits worth Rs.2 Crores,Yet She Dies A Pauper



- May 2, 2016

Rs 2cr savings, yet she dies a pauper

A 70 year old lady, named Kanaklata, who survived on alms given by neighbors in her last days, died on Thursday in Ajmer’s Nullah Bazaar. Cash was gathered by the neighbors for performing last rites.

Neighbors searched the lady’s room, they discovered fixed deposit documents adding up to two crore rupees! The records have been kept with the individual banks. Since there is no chosen one of these fixed deposits, the banks are waiting for somebody to assert the cash.

Kanaklata had no child and her husband Premnarayan passed on a year ago. “She was living like a destitute in one little room at Nullah Bazaar. Her room was arranged in the premises of a temple,” said Raju Mishar of the region.

All the documents were gathered and gave over to banks for disposal. A nephew from Chhatisgarh who was never seen before, guaranteed that he was her just relative. In any case, the bank would be taking the choice on the same. Mukesh Joshi, a neighbor expressed that the nephew made cases of building a temple in memory of his close relative and uncle with that cash. Notwithstanding, he was never seen when the couple was struggling.

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