We’re Evolving Backwards : Akshay Kumar’s powerful video message is a must watch for every citizen

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تداول السعودية

بيع اسهم الاكتتاب بنك الراجحي The horrific mass molestation incident that happened in Bengaluru on the New Year’s Eve has left the whole country in shock and utter shame. Bollywood stars too strongly criticised the incident on social media. Joining the list is Akshay Kumar, who has shared a solid message, recently, slamming the incident.

ثنائي أخبار السوق الخيار Akshay posted a video message on his Twitter page along with a subtitle that read: “The Bangalore incident makes me feel we r evolving backwards,from humans to animals,rather monsters coz even animals are better!Truly shameful .”

enter In the video, the Jolly LLB 2 actor said that it made him furious when he watched the footage of the incident in the television. He lashed out at those who are condemning the women for the incident. “Ek beti ka baap hoon, aur naa bhi hota to shayad ye hi kehta ki jo samaj apni auraton ko izzat nahi de sakta usse apne aap ko insaani samaj kehne ka koi haq nahi hai (As a father of a daughter, or even if I was not, I would say that a society which can’t respect women, doesn’t deserve to be called a civilized society),” he said.

الخيارات الثنائية في المملكة المتحدة In the short video, Akshay, a martial arts expert himself, encouraged women to take up martial arts for their own safety.

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