Animalistic Trash Sculptures by Bordalo II by

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شراء أسهم سابك Sculptures by Bordalo II

enter site Instead of contemplating series of sketches or trying to envision how an artwork will come together, Portuguese artist Bordalo II starts each of his animal sculptures in a grimy hunt for raw materials in junk yards or deserted factories. Vehicle bumpers, tires, door panels, mountains of malleable plastic bumpers, and even entire vehicles are stacked and bolted to the sides of buildings to resemble everything from pelicans to foxes and tiny rodents. The pieces grow on-site, taking form as he interprets the available materials. As a very last detail each animal is finished with a flourish of spray paint that bestows a close to lifelike quality.

follow url Thru his artwork, Bordalo II hopes to draw attention to our culture uncontrollable production of waste. “The idea is to depict nature itself, in this case animals, out of materials which can be responsible for [their] destruction,” he shares with colossal. In this way he hopes to make environmental destruction more seen. “Once in a while humans don’t recognize that their simple routines are too excessive, we are the use of too many resources too rapid and turning them into trash, waste, and pollution.” Bordalo II was one of many artists currently involved with the Unexpected art project in Ft. Smith, Arkansas wherein he created a new fox and opossum. He additionally constructed a flying squirrel at Street Art Jam 2016 in Estonia, and numerous pieces for the Aruba Art Fair. You can follow his current work on Instagram.ديلى-فوركس 1.# Animalistic Trash Sculptures by Bordalo II 2.#

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