Anushka Sharma on Bengaluru molestation: We as a society failed that night


Pankaj Kumar

- January 6, 2017

After Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma is the latest Bollywood celebrity to condemn the mass molestation of women that happened in Bengaluru on New Year’s Eve, saying not just those men but everyone who saw it and did nothing was to be blamed.

Questioning the role a society that churns out men like them, Anushka in an emotional Twitter post wrote, “Women get molested in a crowd. Bystanders watch, nobody steps to help. Senseless people comment on women’s clothes and say the cause is late nights (sic).”

Because of the kind of influence mainstream Bollywood actors have in our country, we’re hoping this message helps changes the mentality of at least some of those people who’re still dismissing the incident.

The actor ended her post by saying that people should teach their children to respect women instead of making their children feel more entitled and important.

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