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click Flavia Carvalho is a tattoo artist from Curitiba, Brazil. Flavia lately started out the The skin of the Flower project, where she offers free tattoos to sufferers of domestic violence. The idea at the back of the project is that the victims of abuse need to not be defined by the violence perpetrated against them. So, Flavia makes use of her skills to hide their scars with beautiful tattoos. She wants to take those symbols of abuse and flip them into something empowering.

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الخيارات الثنائية المخططات شمعة Flavia stated:

follow “I commenced the project recently, and that i had no concept it might obtain this lot media interest. It started out very spontaneously. As I stated, my services are one hundred percent voluntary, and the handiest “cost” ladies need to invest is to select a design for their tattoos!”موقع-اوريدو-الكويت-للاسه٠“all of it started out about two years in the past, when I worked with a client who desired to cover a big scar on her abdomen”

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فوركس الدولار واليورو  “She let me know that she was at a nightclub, and while she turned down a man who approached her, he stabbed her with a switchblade.”

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اسعار الاسهم السعودية عند الاكتتاب “While she noticed the finished tattoo, she was extremely moved, and that profoundly touched me.” tattoo domestic abuse

تداول الاسهم ساهمت عن طريق الصراف وضاع الايصال The one that stunned me the most was the tale of a 17 year-old young girl who dated an older man and, for a considerable length of time, suffered from physically abusive relationship. When he needed to breakup with her, he planned a meeting, and after they started to fight, he stabbed her few times in her abdomen, and violently raped her

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source Not only are her tattoos stunning, the reality that Flavia does them free of charge shows what a good person she is. Bravo!

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