Video!! Artist Paints an Amazing Rendition of Van Gogh’s Iconic ‘Starry Night’ Using Water as His Canvas



- July 11, 2016

In case you think lovely art performed with the aid of top notch artists on canvas are superb, wait till you spot one executed on a bowl of water.


Vincent van Gogh is one of the most outstanding artists in history and his masterpiece ‘Starry night’ one of the most recognizable. It has been recreated by artists from round the arena, however none finished like this.

Artist Paints an Amazing Rendition

Turkish painter Garip Ay used an historic method known as ebru or paper marbling by swirling distinct pigments round a bowl packed with water to a fascinating impact. Once the pattern is carried out, a chunk of paper is laid at the surface of the water to absorb the paint, creating a dyed page.

Each the method and result is definitely great.

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