Australia: Street performer Girl catches on fire at Freshwater Place, Melbourne by ShowOff-Auther

الرسم البياني للفوركس على الانترنت - May 17, 2016

صيغة دلتا خيار ثنائي

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ثنائي الخيار ميتاتريدر Melbourne street performer catches on FIRE Australia in the city of Melbourne, a dancer fell into the fire, during lunch time when he was giving a performance. This girl of 20 years was performed by Balance with candles and suddenly Balance convert into huge the flames. So people thought at the beginning that it is a part of his performance, but then people started shouting for help right away. The flames quickly surrounded the girl lay on the ground. Her skin began to burn, then began to extinguish the fire that was in the hands of people, whether he or his clothing Cold Drinks. Neither the girl’s skin burns more. Then somehow the fire was extinguished and the girl was admitted to the Alfred Hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

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