Beautiful Chinese Girl Losses her hair !! Trying to eating corn with help of a Drill by ShowOff-Auther - May 12, 2016

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الخيارات الثنائية الموارد التجارية Chinese girl Losses hair trying to eat corn with drillطريقة-شراء-الذهب-عن-طريق-البنك These days there are a competition in China With the cone drill is called Challenge. Participants in the competition are from drill cuticle eating. Drill pace is so fast that there may be a danger of eating cuticle. Social media has also criticized the contest.

click The girl in the video is wearing white T-shirt and hairs are left open. A person who cannot see the video in which he held the drill is inserted cuticle. The drill is the same girl began eating cuticle. They have to eat cuticle agape. But suddenly in the drill is stuck in her hair. Girl and drill until some person had been able to understand the girl’s hair. After the incident, the girl went to the hair Specialist Czech was the answer given by the hair, ie it will take time to come will be a blot on the beauty of this girl. Girl’s video went viral and many people are condemned to the thrill.

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