Bengaluru Molestation case: Police arrest four men, Identified as ITI student and Delivery Boy

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الخيارات الثنائية OTC - January 6, 2017

بيع اسهم الراجحي عن طريق الجوال

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ثنائي إشارات خيارات التداول وإشارات النقد الاجنبى البرمجيات BENGALURU: Police arrested four men for allegedly molesting a woman on a street in Kammanahalli, Bengaluru, in the early hours of January 1, and launched a manhunt for two others.

العقود الآجلة الفوركس Additional CCTV footage has revealed the he visited the area and the lane where she stays several times. The woman has left city after the incident. The cops have made efforts to contacted  her in a bid to get her statement.

get link Bengaluru City police commissioner Praveen Sood  acknowledged Kammanahalli resident Prashanth Francis, who informed them about the incident and gave them footage from the CCTV camera, which is installed at his home.

see url Sood identified the main accused as Ayyappa alias Nitish Kumar, 19, a delivery boy for online portals and another a B.Com student.

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الخيارات الثنائية من أجل المتعة والربح دليل للمضاربين قوات الدفاع الشعبي According to the police, two of the accused were also working as part-time delivery boys for a restaurant, which the victim used to visit frequently. Investigation revealed that the accused used to deliver food to the victim’s home, whenever she ordered online. They were also stalking her for the last one week. On January 1, they followed her while she was returning home after having dinner at the same restaurant. WATCH VIDEO | Bengaluru: CCTV Footage Shows Another Incident Of Molestation

see Police sources say Lenin has confessed to the assault and claimed to be drunk that night. Two other persons — Sudhi alias Sudhesh, 20, and Somasekhara alias Chinni, 24, residents of Fraser Town — waiting at the end of the lane were also arrested.

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