BIGG BOSS 10: Swami Om’s another GROSS ACT; removes his pants in front of everyone

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Pankaj Kumar

- December 28, 2016

BIGG BOSS 10: Swami Om’s another GROSS ACT; removes his pants in front of everyone

Colors TV reality show BiggBoss 10 10 has got much buildup and attention from last week due to shocking stunning removal of Priyanka Jagga.

Superstar and host of the show kicked Priyanka out of the house. We all know it was just not Priyanka who was in need of that dose but also Swami Om. Earlier we told you that Swami Om has created a new drama in the house during the captaincy task. Now we have the entire picture as what destruction he made.

During the task, Swami Om sat at the door of the igloo thus blocking everyone’s way.Rohan Mehra gets into an argument Swami Om and what Swami Om does next is very inconceivable.

Swami Om says that he will stay there for 7 days and won’t eat anything and will also not use washroom. As other housemates try to calm him, he gets up removes his pants in front of everyone.

 Check out the complete video here:

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