China Unveils Elevated Bus That Can Drive over The Top Of Other Cars

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go to site - May 30, 2016

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go Designs for the newest multiplied bus have already been unveiled at a technology expo in China. The bus, pictured above, will reputedly manage to deliver 1, 2 hundred passengers over the pinnacle of automobiles and allow visitors to bypass below it.

العالم سوق الخيارات الثنائية احتيال HINA UNVEILS ELEVATED BUS THAT CAN DRIVE OVER THE TOP OF OTHER CARS The vehicles greater such as a cross between a tram and a bus. Engineers wish the layout will increase the provision of the road space, and motive fewer site visitors’jams than ordinary buses. Additionally it is anticipated to store fees when compared with other public delivery alternatives, just as the subway. Splendid stuff!Щ…Щ†ШЄШЇЩ‰-ШЄЩ€ШµЩЉШ§ШЄ-Ш§Щ„ЩЃЩ€Ш±ЩѓШі  

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