Comedian Kapil Sharma faces nurses’ anger in Amritsar for ‘vulgar portrayal’ on TV.

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خيارات برنامج ثنائي لجنة الهدنة العسكرية ShowOff-Auther - May 17, 2016  

here Comedian Kapil Sharma faces nurses' anger in Amritsar for 'vulgar portrayal' on TV

source site Famous stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma of portraying the nursing calling in a deprecatory way on his show, the nursing and paramedical staff of the Amritsar common healing facility dissented on the doctor’s facility premises on Monday.ا٠ضل-الاسهم-للاستثمار-2014 The medical staff of hospital said Kapil Sharma, who hails from the city, is making too much fun of medical professional through his show on Sony Entertainment Network, and requested its cancelation.

enter Medicinal Staff attendant welfare affiliation senior VP Jasbir Kaur said: “The show has generalized medical attendants. It is disgusting and a long way from reality. It depicts our character and the calling in terrible taste. We play a good role in our society. The show is hurting our image.”

الخيارات الثنائية المجاني الرسوم البيانية المباشرة Staff nurses, including specialists, have strongly objected to the uniform being worn by performing artist Rochelle Rao, who assumes the part of an attendant on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.سعر-شراء-الذهب-عيار-21-في-السعوديه “Such a uniform is not worn by medical caretakers in any event in this a player in the nation. Indeed, even specialists have been portrayed unfavorably,” said Jasbir Kaur.

see Jagir Kaur, a staff medical caretaker from the Government Mental Hospital, said: “This is no chance to get of delineating any calling. We feel offended. Both specialists and attendants are knowledgeable, dissimilar to what is being appeared on the show.”

enter site Senior medical officers Dr Rajendra Arora, Dr HS Ghai and Dr Sandeep Kalra were likewise present at the protest. The medical caretakers have undermined to launch a state-level dissent against Sharma and plan to lay attack to his living arrangement in Amritsar at whatever point he visits the city.

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