This Boomerang video of Deepika Padukone: Deepika gets candid with The Return of Xander Cage co-stars by

الخيارات الثنائية خالية المخططات شمعدان Pankaj Kumar - January 11, 2017 The Return of Xander Cage co-stars

click here Actress Deepika Padukone is leaving no stone unturned to promote her Hollywood debut xXx : Return of Xander Cage. The team is to begin the promotions from Mexico,After extensively promoting the film in Mexico, the cast then went to London for the premiere and Deepika looked super  hot in a red dress and was seen mingling with her fellow castmates.

الخيارات الثنائية التطبيق حساب تجريبي Nina Dobrev who is also a part of the cast shared a Boomerang of herself with DP, Vin Diesel and Ruby Rose.

follow url The cast gets all goofy and it is too cute to handle!

الخيارات الثنائية وسطاء مراجعة Directed by DJ Caruso, xXx: Return of Xander Cage is the third portion in the xXx franchise. The film also stars Donnie Yen, Kris Wu, Ruby Rose, Tony Jaa, Nina Dobrev, Toni Collette and Samuel L Jackson. The Return of Xander Cage

اسعار الذهب في السعوديه وفي المنطقه الشرقيه فيديو The Bajirao Mastani actress along with her co-star Vin Diesel and the other cast members will be in London for two days. Following which, the team will visit India on January 12 and 13 to promote the action flick.

تداول اسهم وهمي The movie is slated to release on January 14, 2017.

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