Wanna learn lungi dance? Watch Deepika Padukone teach it to British host James Corden – watch video


Pankaj Kumar

- January 19, 2017

After making a recent appearance at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Deepika Padukone has now debuted on The Late Late Show with James Corden. She was there with Vin Diesel, to promote her Hollywood debut, XXX: Return of Xander Cage which releases in the US on 20 January.

Deepika slays at The James Corden Show!

In a short clip shared by the show, Deepika is amused at Corden and Vin singing songs from Oliver Twist and discussing a possible Carpool Karaoke episode.

While the clip doesn’t show James interacting with Deepika a lot, a few GIFs shared on the show’s Twitter promise a lot of fun. Apparently, she ‘lungi dances’ with James using spare jackets and says that she wishes to be ‘a giant vacuum’, whatever that means.

With her appearance at Ellen and now on The Late Late Show, it is an exciting time to be Deepika Padukone right now. Vin knows what we are talking about:

With her appearance at Ellen DeGeneres Show and now on The Late Show, it is an energizing time to be Deepika Padukone at this moment. Vin comprehends what truly matters to us.


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