Have a look at the hot south actress Amala paul. Does she resemble Deepika Padukone?

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Hi, hello. This is one of Bollywood’s most sought-after actresses, Deepika Padukone.

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And this is popular Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil film actress, Amala Paul.

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And both of these women have this thing where they look way too similar to each other. It’s a good thing; a blessing if you ask me.

deepika vs amla

In fact,if you search for the #deepikalookalike   on Instagram and  twitter, this happens:


A lot of people on the internet also seem to believe that they are twins.


Let’s all collectively praise our lord and saviour, for giving these two gorgeous actresses the same, flaw-free face.

deepika vs amla paul

Amala is aware of people’s minds being blown over the uncanny resemblance she shares with Deepika’s face and she even addressed it in an interview with Filmfare.

كيف تكسب المال في المملكة المتحدة

Do you think Amala Paul and Deepika Padukone are lookalikes?

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