Demonetisation: Delhi Police constable suspended for hitting people in queue outside bank


Pankaj Kumar

- November 25, 2016


A Delhi Police constable has been suspended for allegedly hitting people with a baton and engaging in an argument with others while trying to control a crowd outside a bank in Delhi’s Yamuna Vihar region.

The incident took place on Tuesday when a lady arrived at the bank to get her currency notes exchanged, police said.

A video has risen where the constable is seen getting into a contention with the lady and after that hitting individuals with a rod, sources said.

The constable, Ram Naresh, posted in northeast district, said since the lady was attempting to get into the line, he approached her to sit tight for her turn.

A couple people ventured into help the lady and the constable allegedly hit them with a baton, a cop said adding an inquiry has been initiated in this regard and the constable has been suspended.

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