Design engineers from Kant Federal University of Russia on a robot cockroach shape and moves like an insect movement completely

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go site The length of the robot 10 centimeters, unlike the cockroaches can take advantage of the robot in the search for missing people under the rubble of buildings can also be used as laboratories.

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go The Foundation this robot fabricating requesting that her be his elements ought to be like the components of the cockroach, as like the activities of the transfer of the standard cockroach. Researchers picked the types of cockroaches South America called Blaberus Giganteus model for the robot – making. The robot could be carrying a small camera (camera) weighs 10 grams and can be used for intelligence purposes . Scientists and engineers worked to achieve this project over seven months while spotted the actions of ordinary cockroaches , then the first model of the robot simulates cockroach was composed of pins and a small motor and battery.

go to link As showed by the scientists say the instrument is similarly furnished with light-fragile sensors to recognize limits and keep from the effect.

الأسهم تداول الخيارات الثنائية The specialists checked by December/December next machine system to permit course to the working as demonstrated by a chose strategy for him, and furthermore organizes anon to make the working time of the instrument, that right now continues running for basically twenty minutes.

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