Do you know what is micro Atms; how will they help in demonetisation drive

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source link - November 16, 2016 On one hand, those banks and ATMs are out of the money for replacement of the standby lines; on the other hand, economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das said that this government has taken several measures to deal with that. micro Atms The important steps taken by the government Shaktikanta Das mentioned, only one of them is the micro ATM. Do you know what micro ATM is? Let us know about it. What is the micro ATM? Micro ATM swipe machines that look exactly like the sounds you use your card at shops with the help of online pay. However, this work is more than swipe machine. The GPRS Micro ATM is enabled. It is quite the same way as you use an ATM. The only difference from the ATM to withdraw money to go to the ATM, while micro ATM himself comes to you.

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