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Pankaj Kumar

- January 30, 2017

WASHINGTON : Protests against US President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and immigrants from several Muslim-majority nations have been held in cities across the US, including in New York City and Washington, DC.

US President Donald Trump's ban on refugees

The order, issued Friday, fulfilled a campaign pledge by Mr. Trump to clamp down on immigration from countries affected by terrorism. He suspended the U.S. refugee program for four months and restricted for 90 days entry into the U.S. of nationals from Iraq ,Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria.

The order initially took many travelers by surprise, especially those already aboard airplanes on the way to the United States as the president signed the measure into force on Friday afternoon.

Administration officials reported that 110  people had been detained as they arrived in the U.S. on Saturday, of which “a couple dozen” people were still being held as of Sunday morning.

People gather during an anti-Donald Trump immigration ban protest outside White House, while more than 1,000 protesters assembled in New York City’s Battery Park to protest against Trump’s executive order, which places cruel restrictions on immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations.

The orders prompted massive protests

Saturday and Sunday at airports in New York, Dallas, San Francisco,  Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and near Washington, D.C., where some travelers remained in detention Sunday evening.

Washington Square Park in New York City
People gather at a rally at Washington Square Park in New York City to protest Trump’s ban


Los Angeles International Airport
People protest at the International terminal at Los Angeles International Airport


At Los Angeles International Airport, large crowds gathered to demand the release of travelers held there, including two grandmothers from Iraq and Iran who refused to board flights back to their home countries, according to immigrant-rights lawyers. Late Sunday afternoon, airport officials in Los Angeles closed the roads around the arrivals area because of the protests.


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