Meet Dr Roshy John, Man Who Converted A Tata Nano Into India’s First Driverless Car #Inspiring!



- July 27, 2016

This is something that we can just envision however an Indian techie, Dr Roshy John has developed a self-riding Tata Nano. Roshy who heads Robotics and Cognitive Systems at Tata Consultancy Services in Kerala and was propelled to construct his autonomous Tata Nano 5 years back whilst he booked a taxi on the airport to move domestic but determined the taxi driving force extra exhausted than him.

Here’s is the full tale about how he made it possible!

#A self-driving Nano car

nano self driving car

#Why the Tata Nano?

nano self driving car 1

#A Robot for the roads

nano self driving car 2

#Making of the driver-less Nano

nano self driving car 3

#Sensor package

nano self driving car 4

#Automatic transmission is key

nano self driving car 5

#Accurate automatic braking system

nano self driving car 6

Here’s the full video:


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