Video!! He Drives Into A Roundabout Full Speed. What Happened Next? This Is CRAZY!



- May 31, 2016

Ever considering I was a kid I grew up watching car chases on television and always notion something might really be fun, you understand, without being forced to interrupt the law in doing so.

I used to dream up every one of the sweet jumps I’d take my vehicle over like Nicholas Cage with Lucille at the give up of long past in 60 Seconds; I’d consider how quickly I’d be going and just how each different automobile on the road will be in awe of my remarkable-fantastic driving abilities. As I grew older I slowly started seeing the fallacies in my wise practice, but it seems no further all people does!

Crazy Driving

This person changed into driving across the street and either didn’t recognize he became coming up to roundabout, or desired to keep out a couple of adolescence fantasies, however both way he eventually ends up hitting the center at complete velocity, launching him high in to the air before crashing go into reverse like they do within the films, except without having driving off afterwards!


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