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Dangerous Earthquake Lurks Beneath Bangladesh, Eastern India, Expected To Affect 140 Million People

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see A big earthquake is building up its pressure under Bangladesh and eastern India and it’s now not looking good. With a capability to wipe away as many as a hundred and forty million lives, the devastating earthquake will absolutely ruin the 2 international locations  which, in keeping with a take a look at, are both densely populated and the various poorest in the global.

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تداولات الذهب اليوم There’s no statistics to be had on as to whilst the earthquake may additionally strike however it is inevitable, for a few sections of the earth’s crust are nudging towards every other, as published inside the Nature Geoscience magazine.

source Lead author of the study, Michael Steckler stated that the possibility of the earthquake placing can only be revealed in further research.

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Co-creator Syed Humayun Akhter stated that mud accumulation some 19 km deep within the deltas of the Brahmaputra and the Ganges will shake “like gelatin, and liquefy in lots of locations, sucking in buildings, roads and those.”

The vicinity at hazard measures nearly 62,000 square km and can destroy Dhaka to a point of no return.

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