Earthquake shakes major cities in Delhi: North India, Pakistan hit by strong 6.8 Magnitude Quake

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watch - April 21, 2016

source Earthquake in Delhi:  A powerful 6.8 magnitude earth quake on Richter scale shook north India including Chandigarh, Kashmir and different ranges in locale – the underlying tremor felt was at 4.01 pm in Delhi. The tremor was before said to be of 7.1 magnitudes. As per a report one individual has passed on because of the tremor.Earth Quake India Gentle tremors were felt in Delhi, different parts of north India after a moderate power earthquake hit Hindu Kush locale in Afghanistan today. اريد انا اشتري اسهم سوق الاوراق الماليه الكويتي The Earthquake struck in Afghanistan, near its border with Tajikistan, at 10:28 GMT, as per the US Geological Survey (USGS). A number of injuries were reported in Pakistan

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