“Fan” movie review: SRK is back in double role

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خيار ثنائي perbedaan دان الفوركس - April 21, 2016

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click here Shah Rukh Khan’s the super star “Fan” movie review will be in just a few hours from now. It’s a double bonanza for all Shah Rukh Khan fans, as the celebrity performs double role in the Maneesh Sharma directed film.

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Shah Rukh Khan will be playing an antagonist once an extended time. He was last seen playing a negative role in ‘Don’ and ‘Don 2’ . Plus, SRK conjointly takes a chance from the romance genre and returns to a adventure story once an extended while.

source url The film’s Fan anthem ‘Jabra Fan’ is already effective and every person his jabra fans can be queuing up external theatre in tremendous numbers to kind Fan a rapid hit.

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