Video: Fastest Plane In The World-11,200 KM/H

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here - September 29, 2016

كيفيه اشتري اسهم الفنادق

مراجعة إشارات التداول بالخيارات الثنائية 2017 Hypersonic plane x_43A recognized as the very fastest aircraft in the whole world.

follow This is an unmanned aircraft that during the flight showed superb speed- 11230 km/h, which is about 9.6 times the rate of sound. For comparison, fighter jets flying at the speed of sound or greater than the total of two times. The fastest plane in the world is small in length. The wingspan of the fastest aircraft in the world is 1.5 meters, length of 3.6 meters, and the weight of 1400 kg.  

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