France Becomes World’s First Country To Ban Plastic

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بلوجات الفوركس - September 21, 2016

طرق للحصول على المال على الإنترنت France just took a massive leap for Mother Earth and became the first country to pass a major ban on plastic cups and cutlery. The law will come into effect in 2020 and will ensure that all disposable plates, cups, knives and forks are made of biodegradable material that can be composted. France Becomes First Country To Ban Plasti

continue reading this Earlier this year France told its stores and supermarkets they could no longer hand out plastic bags.

nadex الخيارات الثنائية إشارات التداول The measure was part of the Energy Transition For Green Growth bill which was passed in 2015 and came into effect last month. The ban was initially proposed by the Europe Ecologie-Greens Party to help reduce the energy used in making plastic and also to cut the waste it produces. Only 1% of France’s 4.73 billion wasted plastic cups are recycled every year. France Becomes First Country To Ban Plasti

تداول الخيارات الثنائية في اليابان Pack2Go’s Europe secretary general Eamonn Bates said, “We are urging the European Commission to do the right thing and to take legal action against France for infringing European law. “If they don’t, we will.”

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