A TEABAG FOR A BROKEN NAIL – The Weirdest But Easiest Nail Repair Secret Ever


Pankaj Kumar

- January 5, 2017

Don’t you just hate it when one of your nail breaks? It can happen suddenly when you just snag your nail. And, the only solution left is to cut all your nails! Well, the next time your nail breaks, just use a tea bag to fix your broken nail. Wondering how?
Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Cut the teabag.

Make sure you cut it close to the length and width of the break in your nail.

Step 2: Add a little glue.

Add a drop of blue on an orange wood stick, then touch it over the break.

Step 3: Use tweezers to apply the teabag.

Put the teabag piece over the break, then let it dry.

Step 4: Buff it out.

Using a buffer or nail file, lightly smooth out the surface of your nail.

Step 5: Cover with base coat, then apply color.

Once your nails are buffed to smoothness, apply a base coat.



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