Human Body Is Probably Infected With Alien DNA



- April 21, 2016

How human would you say you are? if you tended to 100 percent (in case you attempted to answer by any stretch of the creative energy), you’re heartbreakingly wrong. While around 90 percent of your DNA is made of human material, a little rate of it is seen as “alien.”

Yes, you are part alien, yet not the kind you’re considering. Apologies, Martian.

Your Body Is Probably Infected With Alien DNA

8 percent of all human DNA is made up of ancient viral fragments hiding deep within the genome.


Infections are made of RNA (seen as an antecedent to DNA, which is more mind boggling). They work to taint their hosts by infusing them with DNA-based copies of their own RNA.


Since infections have been doing this for centuries, the way that a few sections of old infections have advanced into the profundities of human hereditary qualities bodes well.

A recent study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences uncovered 19 new bits of viral DNA in the human genome.


Significantly freakier, maybe, is that parts of our bodies have adjusted to utilize these bits of antiquated RNA for procedures that need to do with battling malady and expanding richness.


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