Incredible! This Dog Takes The Bus To Go To A Park Alone!

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الربح خيار ثنائي - May 23, 2016 Bus Riding Dog برنامج تحليل اسهم للايفون Cacao was a 16 year old dog from Milan, Italy. A few years ago, when he was still alive, he used to be famous in his neighborhood for a very particular reason. Every day, at a certain time, he would go to a bus stop and patiently wait for the bus 54. Not only he would wait for the bus, but he would also wait for one specific driver, one that he considered a friend. He would hop on the bus and stop every day at the same stop, near a big park, where he would spend some hours running in the grass, before taking the same bus back home.

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استراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية لnadex When Nicoletta, the owner of Cacao, got to know about this, she couldn’t believe it. One morning she decided to follow him and saw him waiting for the bus. She was shocked! What’s the secret of Cacao, though? “I’ve always tried to teach him how to act on the street: to walk on the sidewalk, to cross the street when the traffic light is green, and so on… but I couldn’t believe one day he would have taken the bus by himself!”. After a while even the the other passengers of the 54 bus got used to him and just enjoyed having him around. This Dog Takes The Bus To Go To A Park Alone! Sadly Cacao died some time ago, and we are sure all the passengers of the bus 54 miss him a lot. The incredible thing is that around the world there are other dogs like him! Dogs that every day take the bus to go somewhere they like. Eclipse, for example, an adorable female dog from Seattle, takes the line D every day, keeping company to the tired passengers. Another Italian dog, for example, called Camillo, takes a bus from Sanremo every day. The great thing about him is that he doesn’t go to the same place every time! Instead, he tries to visit all the places he doesn’t know!

تعلم البيع والشراء الاسهم This Dog Takes The Bus To Go To A Park Alone! Next time you see a dog on a bus, try to follow him or her, and tell us about another exciting story!

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