Video: Insane Guy Jumps Off 173-Foot Waterfall, Gets Knocked Out, Almost Dies



- September 16, 2016

A California guy’s stunning 173-foot leap off the top of Hawaii’s Wailua Falls may have cost him his lifestyles if it weren’t for the 2 travelers who pulled him from the water.

Insane guy Jumps Off 173-Foot Waterfall, receives Knocked Out, nearly Dies

In the video clip, filmed at the island of Kauai, Shahan appears to psych himself up for the death-defying stunt earlier than gingerly running to the edge of the waterfall and jumping off. He hits the water with a thud, vanishing into the plunge pool. While he surfaces, although, Shahan is unconscious.

“Hey! Awaken! No, no, no, no…” the cameraman yells. Two travelers start pulling Shahan to the shore, where he realized out that he had suffered a concussion and several torn muscle in his chest and back.



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