7 Important Life Lessons We’re Taking Away from Bollywood Movies in 2016


Pankaj Kumar

- December 27, 2016

As we have established, 2016 was a total shitstorm. But, thanks to Bollywood, we learnt some very important lessons in the last 12 months. From teaching us how brilliantly ‘friendzone’ works to telling us that gender roles are the very thread that holds social fabric together, Bollywood gave us a masterclass in women’s liberation, love, and everything else. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

1. If you’re working towards something and you get pregnant, have the baby. It’s always the right answer. (Sultan)

2. Call a man who cooks your ‘wife,’ because the kitchen will always be a woman’s territory. (Ki & Ka)

3. Stop hurting male egos by telling men you don’t have feelings for them. It’s mean. (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil)

4. If you don’t like to do research, it’s cool. You can still invest a lot of money and make a film. (Mohenjo Daro)

5. Stay with your distant, insensitive partner for 50 years because… love. (Baar Baar Dekho)

6. You can hook up with anyone as long as you fall for them later. (Befikre)

7. There is always one thing that no matter what, never ever give up before the circumstances. Stand hard and stand tougher. Hard work and a positive attitude is the only key to reach success. (Dangal)



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