Check Out India’s First Interactive 3D Art Museum In Chennai.



- July 19, 2016

Art is a way of communique that transcends language. However, it’s more a laugh when artwork becomes interactive and the participant turns into similarly crucial because the creator. This form of artwork is known as Trick art.

India got its first Trick artwork Museum that’s an interactive three-D art museum primarily based in Chennai and artist AP Shreethar is behind these outstanding designs.

Let’s have a look at the pictures: 1. So you can have fun when your body is cut into half

Interactive 3D Art

click here 2. This kid had fun after seeing the bull come out of the photo frame.


see 3. Selfie time with the chimpanzee. *Happy family*

3 4. When you’re adamant that you want that apple.

4 5. Or this huge burger!


jobba hemifrån göteborg 6. Or just have a gala time with the dolphin!

6 7. Or contemplate going inside the skull.


زيادة خيار ثنائي دلتا 8. Or be fascinated by Bruce Lee’s kick.


source url 9. The snake coming out of the frame is super cool too. *AAAAAHHHH*

9 10. Or this!

10 11. Puppet dancing anyone?


تحليل الفوركس 12. Or just a make-believe boat ride!


الخيارات الثنائية حساب تجريبي جنوب أفريقيا 13. Having fun with bubbles?


14. I would definitely like that prize!


15. Playing peekaboo and not in the correct place, ladies!


16. This kid had a good time taming the dragon!


Source: Click Art Museum 

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