Jhanvi Kapoor is the new fashionista in B-town just like her mother Sridevi!

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follow link - January 13, 2017

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enter Sridevi and her daughters Jhanvi-Khushi are one of the most fashionable mother-daughter trios in bollywood.Their pictures clicked at several events and their Instagram posts are a treat to one’s eyes.

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الوقت المناسب لوضع امر لشراء سهم جديد Today, Sridevi shared a stylish picture posing with her daughter Jhanvi on Instagram and it is truly oh-so-gorgeous. While Sridevi wore an off-white ensemble with embroidery on the hem and zardozi work all over, it was Jhanvi who we could not take our eyes off of. She stunned in a multi-coloured gown that had a turtle neck. The gown had a quirky patterned sequin all over the top and was sheer on the bottom.

go to link الخيارات الثنائية الكتب التداول Take a look at the two divas here:

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خيار ثنائي الزولو With embroidery on the long sheer hem that just flowed, Jhanvi looked like an absolute dream!

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