Man Arranges Leaves, Sticks, And Stones To Create Magical Land Artworks

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شروط الاكتتاب في اسهم اسمنت ام القرى

follow link Land Art is an art movement you don’t hear about much lately. It consists of taking the landscape and linking it with art, thus creating an artwork. Land Art is created in nature, and uses natural materials such as soil, stones, rocks, organic media like branches, leaves, as well as other materials. The movement became somewhat big in the late 1960’s as a revolt against the commercialization of art taking place during the time. Land artist and Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy creates this form of art by means of arrangement, taking rocks, sticks and other things and using them to create a art piece in nature.

حساب تجريبي على خيار ثنائي While some have called his work a spotlight, and criticism, on the fragile nature of Earth, there’s more to it than that according to Goldsworthy. Here’s what he has to say about his work and how it has evolved:

source url “When I make something, in a field or street, it may vanish but it’s part of the history of those places. In the early days my work was about collapse and decay. Now some of the changes that occur are too beautiful to be described as simply decay. At Folkestone I got up early one morning ahead of an incoming tide and covered a boulder in poppy petals. It was calm and the sea slowly and gently washed away the petals, stripping the boulder and creating splashes of red in the sea. The harbor from which many troops left for war was in the background.” 1.

source site Man Arranges Leaves, Sticks, And Stones To Create Magical Land Artworks

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