Man told by doctors he has 30 minutes to live after Doctors Discover Tapeworm In His Brain

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Have you ever had a headache so terrible that it made you wonder what was going on in your skull?

source url I’ve never had one quite that bad, but this guy definitely has. After suffering from what he says was the worst headache he’s ever had, it became apparent to Luis Ortiz that he urgently needed medical help. The 26-year-old California resident had never experienced anything like it, and he realized that something was wrong. What he didn’t expect, however, was to hear from doctors that he only had 30 minutes to live.

After paramedics took Ortiz to the Queen of the Valley Medical Center, doctors made a horrifying discovery when they looked at his brain scan.


His splitting headaches were being caused by a parasitic tapeworm that figured out how to tunnel  into his brain. Doctors dropped everything so that they could perform emergency surgery and save his life.

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The tapeworm was living inside a cyst that had been effectively cutting off oxygen to his brain. Fortunately, they were able to pull the wriggling creature out.

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His doctors believe that he could have gotten the tapeworm from eating uncooked pork, swimming in contaminated water, or visiting a country in the developing world.

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Just imagine for a second that you received word that you had only 30 minutes to live. There’s really nothing more terrifying than that. We’re just happy that he pulled through! here SHARE this unlikely story of survival with others. You never know who it might save.  

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