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go site follow Just four years ago, Nathilde Broberg had a life experience she’ll never forget. At an amusement park, she was very nearly publicly kicked off a rollercoaster for being too heavy for the ride. click here However, using an innovative approach to portion control, as well as discipline, she was able to make a change you’ll have to see to accept.

The embarrassment she felt at the amusement park caused her to evaluate her life and make a change.

She weighed 260 pounds(120kg) at her heaviest and was eating meals with enough calories for two people.

This picture, showing how far she’s pushing down the trampoline, speaks volumes.

go here As you can see, the early results are promising…

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source site …but as is so often the case, there will be a lot of excess skin

She’s now a personal trainer by profession and a model. Sounds like she’s on a very different path!

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“If someone told me four years ago that I would be a professional trainer and a model, I would have just laughed at them.”

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Obviously, she’s got some good reasons to stay with the habits she’s developed.

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سعر سبيكة الذهب But it’s the initial determination and the unique diet, which forces the person eating to use a teaspoon to eat less and slower, that brought about these night-and-day results.

I’d say she accomplished her mission with great results! فتح حساب تجريبي فوركس  

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