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follow site It’s the clash of two major titans in the cinema world today as Hrithik Roshan’s period show, Mohenjo Daro and Akshay Kumar’s thriller, Rustom goes up against. Also, with both motion pictures being sponsored by huge names, it will be a straight on battle in the session of numbers this weekend. How about we investigate how they have fared in various angles till a day before to their release.

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Rustom has without a doubt stolen a walk in front of Mohenjo Daro owing from its keen advertising strategy. Akshay’s masterstroke in getting kindred Bollywood on-screen characters to shoot and post recordings & videos to make Rustom inclining has without a doubt set the tone acceptable for the film. Whereas Mohenjo Daro has discovered inadequate takers among the Bollywood crew with practically everybody holding their love & favor for Rustom. Unusual since on-screen characters had promoted Hrithik’s Bang- Bang with great passion. Surprise, if this is the Kangana’s impact.

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Rustom again developed as the victor here with Akshay’s naval force uniform bound enthusiastic act getting tremendous thumbs up. Mohenjo Daro got opposing responses with many criticizing the costumes used in the period screenplay.

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Rustom has an anticipated plot that is approximately taking into account the celebrated Nanavati case of the 60s. Mohenjo Daro declares to tell a love story in a period that has never been showcased in Bollywood. If Conspiracy is king, Daro has an upper hand here.

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New after his previous success (Airlift, Housefull 3), Akshay would hope to solidify his position with this Independence Day release. Whereas Hrithik, is coming back to silver screen in the wake of confronting some noisy time in his own life courtesy Kangana Ranaut and would be enthusiastic to present appropriate satisfaction with a blockbuster hit. Going sheerly by their star power, both movies ought to have meet footfalls.

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This is the thing that will manage the overall revenue. Rustom appears to have discovered support among multiplexes while Mohenjo Daro has pulled in single screen theaters into its fold. Be that as it may, a definitive contrast in screen numbers is not big which implies both movies have a reasonable possibility of making their cut in the cinema world.

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It will be a cheerful weekend for viewers will get the chance to see two oppositely diverse movies and two macho geniuses in various symbols.

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