Motivational Story of Mother and her Son Born Without Arms

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- April 21, 2016

Every last one of us responds to life circumstances in an unexpected way. Notwithstanding affliction, a few individuals harp on their wretchedness and abandon life, while others look for even the most moment beam of light and still seek after the best. Individuals like the last stay idealistic, and they figure out how to adjust to survive. That undoubtedly is an exceptionally praiseworthy quality, wouldn’t you say?

Meet 35-year-old Linda Bannon. She was conceived without arms because of an innate condition called Holt-Oram disorder or heart-hand disorder. It is an inherited condition described by deformities of the furthest points and the heart. Be that as it may, this astonishing lady did not give her inability a chance to take control of her life and cut her down.






So she began to show herself and did everything utilizing her feet by the age of 12. Regardless of being teased at school, she was blessed to have the backing of her gang and companions.

This gallant lady has additionally been honored to have an existence accomplice, Richard, who acknowledges her totally. She met him at an exercise center when she was only 24-years of age.

The couple got hitched in July 2004.



“We hit it off straight away,” she said. “He wasn’t upset by my handicap—he preferred my freedom.”

At the point when Linda got pregnant, the specialists advised her that there is a half risk that their youngster would be conceived like her.

“I doubted whether we were making the best choice, yet we truly needed a family,” says Linda.

“I knew from the outputs he would have been conceived without arms. We were naturally concerned, yet I wasn’t excessively overwhelmed as I was already aware he would have the capacity to carry on with a typical life like me.”

Timmy, their child, was conceived without arms and a heart imperfection


The newborn child additionally needed to stay in the healing center for two months while the specialists worked on him. In any case, similar to his mom, the youngster is a survivor as well.

Linda dedicated herself completely to being a mother.







Timmy does what different children would do and the sky is the limit from there. Despite the fact that he frequently gets baffled with a few undertakings like securing catches, the kid stays positive and his mother is just genuinely glad for him.

“In any case, I’m not having any more children as I couldn’t stand to see them experience the same heart issues Timmy had.” the mother of one said.

“I need to bring issues to light about my incapacity and demonstrat to you can carry on with a full life. There’s no motivation behind why Timmy can’t have a wife and family. For whatever length of time that he’s upbeat, that is the only thing that is important.”



Linda and Timmy Bannon’s story is really motivating. These two are attempting to live ordinary lives without depending much on others for help in spite of their condition. So is there any good reason why most shouldn’t of us, who are conceived superbly fit and solid do likewise?

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