NASA Cuts Off Live Feed From International Space Station Just As A UFO Enters The Earth’s Atmosphere



- July 14, 2016

The international space Station’s live feed changed into reduce off simply as a UFO entered the Earth’s ecosystem on July nine, 2016 which raised an alarm among ufo hunters

UFO Enters The Earth’s Atmosphere

The video of the ufo was first uploaded by means of alien ship hunter, Streetcap 1 on Youtube at the equal day the item changed into seen on ISS’s stay feed. The video was titled “Ufo enters Earth Atmosphere July 9, 2016” and the outline said, “Remember a ufo  is an unidentified flying object. this can properly be a meteor or the like. What made it interesting turned into the digital camera reduce off whilst the alien ship appeared to forestall”.

Virtually Streetcap1 did no longer kingdom what the ufo was or could but they did mean that it changed into a planned and clever pass.

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