This Nokia Phone Saves Man’s Life by Stopping Bullet



- October 8, 2016

Over a decade ago, when we accidently dropped our cell phones, our first instinct was to check the floor for damage because we were sure the phone’s fine. It was a time when Nokia phones reigned supreme. Their phones have been known for their impossibly durable components which simply refused to break! Most recently, this durability was tested in the field, and Nokia’s device passed with flying colours!

A man from Afghanistan owes his life to a Nokia cell phone, which literally took a bullet for him!

This Nokia Phone Stops A Bullet & Saves A Man’s Life

The bullet struck the back of the phone but luckily for the man, did not come out the other side.

Peter Skillman, who worked on the team that designed the device, recently posted this tweet.

He must certainly feel proud that his creation could save a man’s life!

Well, all those memes about a Nokia phone being indestructible are closer to reality than you think!



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