Nurse Develops Bathing Method That Brings Babies Back To The Womb

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موقع خبرات للاسهم السعودية - November 7, 2016

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go to link The French nurse Sonia Rochel has developed a special way to bathe babies. Her process involves imitating the womb by holding babies under warm water. The especially soft massaging, the temperature of the water, and the form of the bath remind the infants of their time before birth and is supposed to ease their transition into life. The children are visibly relaxed and almost fall asleep in the nurse’s soft hands.

افضل شركة فوريكس The trust that the babies show the nurse is particularly beautiful. In her hands they can enjoy the blissful, soothing feel of the water. It’s a wondrous display of pure trust and innocence and definitely worth sharing.  

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