Watch The Video! “Postmodern Skateboard” Without The Table!



- May 23, 2016

Postmodern Skateboard

Who does not think about the acclaimed hoverboard from Back to the Future, taking a gander at this new and special innovation? In truth it is not a skateboard, it nor nonexistent drifting table without wheels unmistakable in different scenes of this clique film, however the supposed Sidewinding Circular Skates, another idea of skateboarding manages without the board, to depend just on the wheels .


Be that as it may, we see, in subtle element, what this unique creation. These specific “shoes roundabout”, made by the American Hammacher Schlemmer, work essentially by inclining to the other side and moving “like a snake”, pushing forward the pilots with a movement like a skateboard longboard. Be that as it may, not at all like the longboard, shoes work without giving a push to the ground, however basically putting your feet on the two stages can bolster up to 200 pounds in weight, clients can undoubtedly perform the pivoting wheels.

Postmodern Skateboard” Without The Table

Along this way the most specialists can perform any sort of “trap”, while the less experienced can prepare interfacing the two wheels with an iron funnel, which looks after strength. Additionally, as should be obvious in the video that we display, these exceptional shoes permit to move securely on yards and territory.

Postmodern Skateboard

To put it plainly, after the mind blowing hoverbike, the model of the bicycle planned quadricopter of the English “Malloy Aeronautics”, here is another creation really unique, reasonable for the individuals who are dependably looking for new and unique items!

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