President Donald Trump Says Will Not Not Take Any Salary Or Vacation As US President

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خيارات السماسرة ثنائية باستخدام باي بال - November 14, 2016

here نصيحة الخيارات الثنائية Donald Trump has stated he might take $1 as his earnings a year and no longer the $400,000 that incorporates America president’s job and will refrain from going on any vacation. Donald Trump Says Will Not Not Take Any Salary Or Vacation As US President تداول أسهم Asked whether or not he was going to the president’s salary, 70-year-old Trump stated, “No, I’m not gonna take the Salary. I’m no longer taking it,” confirming a promise he made in a marketing campaign video in September.

source link “I assume I have to by law take $1, so I’ll take $1 a yr. but I don’t even know what it’s far,” Trump informed CBS’s “60 Minute” in an interview aired Sunday. Trump stated he did no longer know what the salary of a US President is and also stated he could no longer take any vacation. “We’ve so much work. There are so much work to be accomplished. And that I need to get it achieved for the people,” he said. “I want to get it done. We’re reducing taxes; we’re taking care of health care. I mean, there’s just so lots to be done. So I don’t suppose we’ll be very big on holidays, no,” Trump stated, ruling out a vocation for him.

خوارزمية تداول الخيارات الثنائية Donald Trump defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential vote, in a result which surprises many that had anticipated her to win following favorable opinion polls.

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