Salman Khan Acquitted In Illegal Arms Case and blackbuck poaching: What was it all about?

الخيارات الثنائية كتاب خط أنابيب الربح by

go Pankaj Kumar - January 18, 2017

go Bollywood Sultan Salman Khan was given the benefit of doubt today by a court in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, which held him “not guilty” of keeping an unlicensed weapon and using it during an alleged deer hunt in 1998. He had been charged under the Arms Act as aspect of a few cases connected to the poaching of blackbuck.

تداول السهم salman came to the Jodhpur court with his sister Alvira and his advocates.

ربح الكثير من المال Wearing a crisp white shirt, the 51-year-old came to the Jodhpur court with his sister Alvira and his advocates. Within minutes, he was let off. The judge said the evidence against him was not strong enough.

source link Salman Khan’s lawyer had argued that the actor only had air firearms and there was no evidence that he had used guns. An eyewitness for the prosecution never showed up. The judge also said two post mortem reports on the deer recorded different causes of death – dog-bite and gunshot wound.

see Minutes after the acquittal, the actor tweeted:

سعر قوالب الذهب

go site Thank you for all the support and good wishes

watch Throughout the years, Salman Khan has faced various cases for allegedly killing two imperil chinkaras and two blackbucks during a site shoot in 1998 for the film “Hum Saath Saath Hain“, co-starring Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam.

سعر اسهم اعمار 26 12 2013 In 2007, he spent a week in jail in Jodhpur before being granted bail. Salman Khan had earlier been cleared by the Rajasthan High Court in two cases related to the poaching of the chinkara deer. That decision, which overturned two jail terms handed to the actor by a lower court, has been challenged by Rajasthan before the Supreme Court.

كيف تحصل على أموال من المدونات Of the four cases against him, Khan has already been acquitted in two cases of poaching by the high court while a third case of poaching is in its final stage. Another case involving the alleged poaching of blackbuck is still being heard. The four other actors have been asked to appear in court on 25 January  to record their statements in the case.

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